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About Ritos

Mexican burrito ritos

Ritos is a healthy, fast, casual restaurant that blends two different cuisines into one menu.
The two main cuisines of Ritos are Mexican and Hawaiian, with a Japanese touch.
The dishes can be ordered as a Pokébowl, Burrito-bowl, roll or a burrito.
And the nice part is: All ingredients of the two cuisines can be combined!

Mexican Burritos and Hawaiian Pokébowls
Hawaiian Burritos and Mexican Pokébowls … We let you decide!

Choose from our signature menu or create your own dish, just how you like it.
We serve warm and cold dishes,
(meat, fish, vegan) and is perfect as lunch or diner.

Our Menu

The menu of Ritos is for every taste: you can choose from our Vegan dishes such as tofu and raw bell pepper & union, or have one of our populair fish and meat dishes such as fresh salmon or spicy pulled beef. We got it all! View some of our populair dishes or download the full menu:

Pokébowls, fusion- & sushiburrito's

Crunchy Tao €11,90

Fried shrimp tempura, Classic sushi rice, Seaweed salad, White cabbage, Carrot, Cucumber, Rucola melange, Avocado, Spring onion, Tempura pops, Sesame seeds, Dressing of your Choice.

Salmon Shake €11,90

Salmon, Classic sushi rice, Avocado, Rucola Melange, Edamame beans, Seaweed salad, Daikon, Cucumber, Red cabbage, Rucola melange, Orange masago, Spring onion, Dressing of your Choice

Beefy Salim €12,50

Spicy pulled beef, Classic sushi rice, Daikon, Spring onion, Cucumber, Jalapeños, White cabbage, Avocado, Rucola Melange, Sesame seeds, Dressing of your Choice

Avocado Cha'otic -Vegan- €8,90

Avocado overload, Sweet potato, Pico de Gallo, Cilantro lime rice, Black beans, Corn, Lettuce, Dressing of your Choice.

Barbacoa beef €8,90

Spicy pulled beef, Pico de Gallo, Jalapeños, Cilantro lime rice, Black beans, Corn, Lettuce, Dressing of your Choice

Adobo Chicken €7,90

Adobo chicken, Pico de Gallo, Cilantro lime rice, Black beans, Corn, Lettuce, Dressing of your Choice

Kimchi €3,90

Mild spicy fermented cabbage

Tortilla chips El Patron €7,90

Nachos with protein of choice, red onion, corn, black beans, jalapeños, cheese sauce, melted grated cheese and salsa.

Green Gyoza -Vegan- €3,90

Vegetarian fried dumplings (4 pcs)

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Opening Hours

Mon – Sat: 11.30h – 21.30h
Sunday: 12:00 – 21.30h

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